Tips On Cleaning Drains And Garbage Disposals

Advising on how to resolve simple plumbing issues is something we are willing to do even it costs us a bit of money. Those issues can be solved by anyone that owns some basic tools like pliers and nose pliers. They are quite simple, and it would be a waste of time for us to send someone. So, if there is a chance that you can fix it alone, then you will find how to do it in this or another similar article on our page.

This post will address plumbing issues that concern the garbage disposal and drains. This isn’t a detailed guide on how to address issues that plague them, but a summary of what you should do in a case a breakdown happens, and it corresponds to one of our short guide posts.

Utilize common ingredients to clean a garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are susceptible to failures if you have a lot of garbage that goes through them. Professionals use unfamiliar products to deal with this, and those products are very efficient at cleaning garbage disposals. But you don’t have to waste money on those things as some common ingredients can work as well.

The largest problem with the disposal area is the clogging that can happen due to garbage sticking to the surface. The cheapest way to solve this issue is to use ice with either vinegar or rock salt. This combination will allow the ice to stay stable for a longer time and that hardened ice will scrape everything from the surface of the garbage disposal. Don’t overdo this as ice could damage some essential parts of the disposal system.

You can also cut peels of a citrus fruit and pour them into the garbage disposal with cold water. This will block the bad smell that comes from it.

The easy way to snake a drain

Drain-CleaningSnaking a drain should be done only if you have the necessary equipment whose size matches the pipe. Using an oversized snake might scrape insides of the pipe, and that makes it susceptible to clogging even more than before.

You shouldn’t jump to a snake right away as plunger can solve many instances of clogged drains. Try the plunger first and check the results. If this isn’t successful, then try it once again. You should use the snake only when you conclude that plunger won’t do any good.