DIY – Simple Plumbing Problems And How To Tackle Them

Every plumbing problem can be simple or complex. If it is a complex issue, then you can’t do anything but call a plumber. Simple plumbing problems are easy to fix, and you don’t have to hire a professional to do that. But, if there is a persistent problem then some professional help is necessary to prevent long-term issues.

We won’t discuss complicated plumbing issues as they are best left to those that can tackle them. If you encounter one, then call someone who knows how to deal with it. In place of those, we will talk about some simple problems that anyone can take on. Those will be plumbing issues that are easy to fix and that don’t require any specialized equipment.

How to deal with low water pressure and slow draining sink

Low-Water-PressureFirst, let’s talk about sinks, what happens to them and how to fix that. Slow draining sinks are one of the most common plumbing issues. The most common cause for this matter is the collection of the debris and hair at the pop-up over the sink. This can be “repaired” in several minutes if you have a zip-it tool or some nose pliers. If you don’t have a Zip-it tool, then you can use regular nose pliers to remove the nut that holds the pop up section. This will give you access to the area where hair and other debris is. Clean it and return the pop-up. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then call a professional.

Low water pressure is a plumbing issue that tends to appear a year or two after you install the faucet. And that faucet is usually the problem. Well, the real problem is calcium that deposits in the aerator. Do note that this issue is connected to the calcium in aerator only if the low pressure affects both hot and cold water. If that is the case, then just remove the aerator, scrape off the calcium deposit and you are set. If that isn’t the case, then call a professional because they have all the tools with which they can check the pipes and other elements of the system. If you try to tinker without proper tools, you just might do more damage than good.

The safest decision is to call professional help

Plumbing-ServiceYou should remember that various elements of the plumbing system can cause the same breakdown. If you try to fix something and realize that the cause isn’t what you expected, then you should call professionals. Meddling with complex issues is one way to learn, but you shouldn’t risk it with plumbing systems as that may lead to unexpected problems and those can cost a lot.

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