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Snaking A Drain – A Detailed Guide

If you read our posts, then you are at least a bit familiar with snaking drains as we mentioned it in one of our posts. But that was just a post that mentioned some breakdowns and how to address them without any professional help.

This article will be different from the last one. We will talk about the way we use a snake to deal with various issues that appear in different types of drains. Do note that we will talk about the snake and how we use it and we won’t mention other means of addressing those issues.

Here is how we snake drains

Drain-SnakeLet’s start with tubs and all the filth and hair that cause problems. Many try to use plungers to unplug the tub drain and that, in the majority of situations fails to produce positive results. The snake is the tools we use when we have to deal with bathtub drain clogging. The trick to this process is to access the drain through the overflow. We also tend to start with opening the tub stopper and removing all hair and debris from the outset of the drain. We use thin cables for the work because it’s hard to make a thick cable bend enough to produce positive results.

Snaking the shower also requires a thin cable due to the small nature of the shower drain. The pipe is long, and it is located below the shower and thus think cable is necessary as it can bend easily which is required in this case.

The majority of breakdowns that involve clogged toilets don’t need a snake. But some cases aren’t solvable with plungers, and those cases require a professional and a snake. But the toiler drain needs a particular type of snake which is known as toilet auger. It’s not safe to use other types of the snake for unclogging toilets as they can’t go through the toilet entry and penetrate the toilet trap without scraping the inside of the toilet. You shouldn’t try to unplug a toilet if you don’t know how to do it reliably and if you don’t have the toiler auger then don’t even try to do it.

Snaking the main line drain

Sneaking-DrainThe main line pipe isn’t even similar to other types of drains, and thus the unplugging approach is different. First of all, it requires an extra thick and long cable to remove the stoppage. Smaller cables will knot up and double back due to extra space in the drain. Giant snakes are rigid and hard to bend which is necessary to clear the stoppage in the main line drains.

This unplugging is best left to professionals. You can hurt yourself or cause extensive damage if you try to do this, and thus we recommend against trying it.