About Me

I am the owner of the PragmaticDavid Chases Press as well as the plumbing company that employs more than fifty people, of which more than thirty are professional plumbers. The idea to establish a plumbing company wasn’t something that many saw as a smart business move, but I persevered, and you can see the results of that.

The beginning wasn’t easy as back then everyone believed that plumbing was a solo job and joining up and creating a company would be just a waste of time. But several experienced plumbers sat down with me and listened to my words. They joined up, and we established the company that went on to grow into a huge business that it is now.

Welcome to my site that acts as a forefront of my plumbing enterprise. This site is our way of reaching out to all potential clients. This site will also include everything from plumbing tips and tricks to extensive guides on how we and how you should deal with plumbing issues.

I am always looking for new ways to improve my business, and this website is just one of the means to do it. And I will continue to apply new technologies and hire new people that will help my company reach new heights.